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Annual Open Tryouts



Please remember that online registration is REQUIRED PRIOR to the first tryout session.  The registration modules are up and ready for you to access.  

"What if I can't make a tryout date?"

For those who are currently playing for an NKSA club, the answer is have been trying out the entire time you have been playing.  Every practice and game is an opportunity for each player to demonstrate what level of play they are capable of, whether they should be moved up to an increased challenged, moved down to allow for increased development, or remain where they are in order to continue to grow.  

Each coach and trainer has already been asked to provide initial assessments on their teams.  Followup assessments will be completed in the next two weeks.  These will be reviewed by the Directors and staff to begin the Team Formation process.  The tryouts provide the opportunity to confirm these assessments, compare players who did not normally compete with one another and assess new players as compared to current...all very essential to the process as well.

If it is determined that further information or assessment is necessary to determine the appropriate placement for a player that is unable to attend tryouts then the club will work to establish a session after the tryouts. This procedure will also be utilized for new participants who are unable to attend either tryout date for an age group as well.

"Do I need to register for/attend Pro and Select?

Participants who are hoping to tryout for the PRO team in their Age Group must register for the PRO Program. If you wish to be considered for a Select team should you not make a Pro team, you must be registered for the Select tryouts as well.  If you do not wish to be considered for a Pro team, then you only have to register for, and attend the Select tryout sessions.

If you are not chosen for a Pro team after the first Pro session you will be encouraged to attend the second session for the Age Group which will be a combined PRO/Select session.  The third session for each Age Group (where applicable) is a Select Only session.

Please remember that online registration is REQUIRED PRIOR to the first tryout session.  The registration modules are up and ready for you to access.  

NKSA Tryout Information

Northern Kentucky Soccer Academy Tryouts

Registering for tryouts:
Current NKSA members can register for upcoming tryouts through their current account on the club website, simply log in and choose the appropriate program for each participant. New families can use the registration button at the top right of the screen. Registrants will be guided to establish an account in a parent's name.  Players are then added to the account as participants and appropriate Birth Year Age Groups will be shown as available programs.  Choose Select or PRO as appropriate.  Be sure to follow ALL onscreen prompts through Check Out and hit SUBMIT.  

Weather and unforeseen circumstances could affect tryout schedules.  Please check the NKSA Hotline prior to departing for the tryouts.  

All players must register before tryouts.  There is no charge for the tryout.  

Players should arrive 30 minutes prior to the tryout to allow time to park, check in, change shirts (tryout t-shirt) and find your tryout location.

Bring a properly inflated soccer ball and water.  Tryout t-shirts will be provided.  Players will be required to change into the tryout t-shirt at the field.  

Tryout FAQs

What should my player bring to tryouts?  A properly inflated soccer ball, a water bottle, shin guards, and soccer cleats. 

Do I need to attend both days of tryouts? No, but we encourage you to attend both days if possible to ensure proper evaluation and placement.

What if I am injured and cannot tryout?  Please register for tryouts and tell us in the comment section that you cannot participate in the tryout.  If possible, please attend the tryouts and talk to a director at the field so they understand your situation.  

When will I know if made a team?  Team assignment offers will typically be made within 3 days of the last tryout date for each age group.  In age groups with many teams, it could take longer.  

How long do I have to decide if I want to accept a roster spot?  
If you cannot decide at the time a roster spot is offered, we may decide to offer the spot to another player. We cannot hold a roster spot open for long because it prevents other payers from receiving their offers.

How do I secure my roster spot?  Respond to the offer e-mail, following the instructions via your account on the club website, and make a deposit. 

Who is my coach?  Paid coaches will be identified prior to the tryouts or with the tryout offer.  Parent coaches are matched with teams through the tryout process. This information should be available by the time the offer is made to the player. In some circumstances, coach assignments will be made after tryouts and prior to the start of training.      

What if my player does not make the top team?  Some players develop the physical and mental skills required to play at a high level at different ages and rates.  Players will be evaluated each year through open tryouts and have the opportunity to move up to a higher level team.  

What leagues and tournaments do the teams play in? The club will do its best to find appropriate competition for each of our teams.  We strive to balance challenging our players without overwhelming them at a young age.  We expect continuous improvement by playing with and against better competition.  

Can players play up with an older age group?   NKSA will generally follow US Soccer's new Birth Year structure for Age Groups which requires players to play within their Birth Year, ie 2005, 2004, etc.  Exceptions will be considered on an individual basis, with approval from the Age Group Director and the Club Director of Coaching.