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NKSA Club Select Soccer
NKSA Club Select Soccer

What is NKSA Club Select Soccer?

NKSA Club Select Soccer is our traditional program that we started in 2006 with 4 teams and has grown to over 60 teams of players in Northern Kentucky.  It includes two nights per week of training with a club trainer focused on proven player development guidelines created by the NKSA directors.  To keep player fees reasonable, games are coached by qualified parents subject to minimum certification requirements and with guidance from the NKSA staff.  Teams generally play in the local league with games in the Greater Cincinnati area.  Teams play in two tournaments per season.  Fees include everything except a uniform.  

NKSA Club Select Training

NKSA Club Select teams include professional training by experienced soccer players and coaches.  Parent coaches may assist with sessions, but the training sessions are run by professional trainers and follow an age appropriate curriculum developed by the club's directors and training staff.  Teams will generally train on a turf field at least one night per week, subject to limitations on space and schedules.  When teams are scheduled on grass two nights, the club makes every effort to move some training sessions to turf fields when grass fields are closed due to wet weather.  

How are teams formed?

Teams are formed from tryouts based upon ability.  Geography is also considered at younger ages where it makes sense to do so.  For example, we may form "East" and "West" teams to keep players closer to home at the youngest age groups.  Or, we may form true First and Second teams at the youngest age group if the directors determine it would be in the best interest of the player's development to do so.  All decisions are made based upon what we believe is best for the player's development.  

How many teams are there at each age group?

There will generally be 3 or more teams at each age group.  This depends upon the number of players trying out, the number of qualified coaches available and training space available for the following season.  Multiple teams at each age group provides an opportunity for players at any level to receive opportunities to develop at the appropriate pace.  Players have an opportunity to move up or down each year at tryouts to try to keep them at the best level for continued progression and development.  

Frequently Asked Questions:  

What league does NKSA play in?  Most NKSA teams play in the Cincinnati United Soccer League (CUSL). This is the primary select soccer league in the Greater Cincinnati area. It includes clubs that are generally within 1 hour from Northern Kentucky and provides several divisions at each age group.  Teams are promoted up (or demoted down) to the next division based upon their record for the season.  NKSA also has teams playing in: The Premier League (TPL), Buckeye Premiere League, Kentucky Premiere League and in the Midwest Regional League. 

When does training start? How long does it last? What is the level of commitment?  There are two seasons - Fall & Spring - and each last about 3 months. Training starts the first week of August for the Fall season and the first week of March for the Spring season.Training continues for about 12 weeks and things tend to wrap up around the end of October in the Fall and the end of May in the Spring.

Who does the training for NKSA teams?   Most of our select teams have a trainer for 2 sessions each week.  They train the technical aspects of the game including: dribbling, passing, receiving, defending, finishing, etc.  All trainers operate under the supervision of our Directors of Coaching.  Most of the trainers are current or former college players.  Several of our trainers coach at local colleges.  

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