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PRO 2.0...exciting program improvements for the Fall 2017 - Spring 2018 soccer year will be announced before tryouts.  


What is NKSA Pro?

Take our Club Select Soccer Program and add professional game coaches, more training opportunities during the season, winter training, speed and agility training, more soccer events and players dedicated to learning and playing at a high level.  At every soccer club there are a certain number of players that stand out based upon not only their soccer skills, but their athletic ability, their practice habits, their motivation and desire to win and get better. NKSA Pro brings those players together to provide them with the proper training and game environment to allow them to push each other and reach their full soccer and athletic potential.  

Pro Training + Pro Coaching

NKSA Pro teams will be trained and coached by some of the best soccer professionals in the area.  Some of our staff has been coaching soccer for decades and they have years of playing experience in college and some professional playing experience.  We love our parent coaches that volunteer hundreds of hours working with our NKSA Club Select teams!  Most of our teams will continue on this path.  NKSA Pro provides the next level of commitment and challenge for the select group of soccer athletes that are ready for the challenge.  

What are the professional team affiliations?

NKSA Pro team affiliations will be announced prior to tryouts.  We will focus on local teams playing professional soccer so our NKSA Pro players and coaches will have an opportunity to interact with and see these players train and play games.  

Pro Administration  

NKSA Pro teams will have a dedicated club administrative staff person to assist their team and their team's manager.  A new website and payment system will provide everything teams need to organize and share their successes.  

Northern Kentucky's Best Soccer Players

NKSA Pro will bring together the best soccer players from Northern Kentucky to compete together against other clubs in the Cincinnati area and the state of Kentucky.  NKSA Pro teams will train in Northern Kentucky and play home games in Northern Kentucky.  

NKSA PRO Fall 2015-Spring 2016

Team Coach Email
U11 Boys NKSA PRO Greg Bowman
U12 Boys NKSA PRO Dan Cheeseman
U13 Boys NKSA PRO Dan Cheeseman
U14 Boys NKSA PRO Greg Bowman
U15 Boys NKSA PRO Greg Bowman
U16 Boys NKSA PRO Jonah Ritter
U17 Boys NKSA PRO Eric Busener
U18 Boys NKSA PRO Eric Busener
U11 Girls NKSA PRO Amanda Schoborg
U12 Girls NKSA PRO Amanda Schoborg
U13 Girls NKSA PRO Adam Saunders  
U14 Girls NKSA PRO  Greg Bowman
U15 Girls NKSA PRO Wil Cagle
U16 Girls NKSA PRO Wil Cagle
U17 Girls NKSA PRO Wil Cagle