Northern Kentucky Soccer Academy

Executive & Administrative Officers

President -- David Meyer
Vice President -- Tony Schutt
Secretary -- Christine Cagle
Treasurer -- Marc Litzler
Director of Coaching -- Wil Cagle
Registrar and CUSL Rep. -- Lorri Kim
Referee and Game Field Coordinator -- Christine Cagle
Director of Players -- DJ Hodge
Tournament Director -- Gary Snyder

NKSA Board of Directors

Group A Directors*
Marc Litzler
Tony Schutt
Gary Snyder
Bill Brassine
Matt Winkler

Group B Directors*
Jeffrey Cummings
David Meyer
Wil Cagle
Jim Hext
Bill Smith

Group C Directors*
Christine Cagle
Greg Maschinot
Lorri Kim
Laura Sanders
DJ Hodge

Group of directors is up for election every three years.