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May Virtual Training-Four Pillars of Soccer-Daily Dose

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May 25 daily dose-TECHNICAL-First Touch

Today's Daily Dose is all about BALL CONTROL!  Developing First Touch-keeping it close, moving in to space, passing it, or even shooting it...with all kinds of surfaces and body parts!  Check out the HIGHLIGHT video, then move on to the TRAINING video to get started on improving YOUR game!


Training Video #1-Building up from the Ground

Training Video #2-Controlling Long Passes in the Air

May 21 Daily Dose-Psychological-Goal Setting

Last Thursday's video introduced and highlighted the importance of players mastering the MENTAL, or Psychological side of their development.  To follow up and provide guidance, each Thursday NKSA will provide a specific topic and action for players to work on this facet of their game.  Today's action-GOAL SETTING.  Check out the video below.  For more work from Gary Pritchard visit his Achieving Peak Performance in Sports and Life website-

May 19 Daily Dose-PHYSICAl-Agility

Check out the video above to beginning working on a critical tool needed for soccer...
AGILITY-the ability to change directions quickly

Four Drills-
Touch & Go
Diagonal Drill

May 19 Daily Dose-What Would You Do?

Consider the image above.  The Blue 6 has won the ball in the Middle Third, and beaten the Red 8 on the dribble. 

Which team mate presents the best option to break the middle third and provide a scoring opportunity
thru ball to 7 running outside, diagonal ball into the 8, to the checking 9 who can combine with the 10, or the diagonal ball outside left to a checking 11.  WHY?

May 18-Daily Dose-Ineista Turns

Andres Ineista, of Barcelona and Spain glory, was a master at creating space, getting out of pressure...and keeping the ball.  Check out the highlight video, then work through the tutorial videos to begin mastering YOUR ability to stamp your presence on a game.

Highlights Video-
Training Video- #1   #2


This video, from Modern Soccer Coach's Gary Curneen, is intended to raise awareness in players, coaches, and parents about the role of the MENTAL side of a player's development and to introduce the need to work on these aspects on a regular basis.  Future Thursdays will feature specific activities that players can use to develop many of these areas.

May 13-Daily Dose-Physical-Balance

Soccer players are constantly challenged to perform on one foot...shooting, tackling, changing directions, and other aspects require a great deal of BALANCE. Check out the video above for some easy exercises to improve your balance. 

Want to get some added soccer related work with this...after completing the activities shown perform push passes while standing on one foot, then perform volleys while standing on one foot.  Need more challenge...perform each while standing on an additional object-rock, step, box, etc.

May 12-Tactical-What Would You Do?

Consider the images presented -the GK is rolling out a ball to the #5…the arrows show potential movement of BLUE teammates as they look to build out of the back…
Where would you play the 1stspass…the 2nd pass...and Why?

From SoccerIQ-Education @SoccerIQ1

May 11-Technical-Stepover

NKSA Players-Checkout today's Topic-Stepovers!
Watch the videos, then us 30/60 sec challenges to see how many reps
you can complete in each phase of development.

Highlight Video-
Training Video-


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