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NKSA Tournament Policies

  1. Tournament Fees.  NKSA Club teams receive one, two or three tournament entries per season included in their club fees based upon their their program and fees. Teams can add additional tournaments by paying the additional tournament entry fees.  

  2. Tournament Selections.  Research your tournament selections to look for good dates and a good fit for your level of play.  Tournaments generally describe the levels of play for their event.  Check the prior year results if available to see how many divisions to expect and what teams played in prior events. Larger tournaments will offer multiple levels of play (e.g., gold, silver, bronze). As a general rule, younger teams should try to minimize travel and play in more local events unless all the parents agree otherwise. 

  3.  Observe tournament registration deadlines and rules.  Some events have deadlines 60 days or more prior to the event.  NKSA needs an additional week to process the payment for your tournament entry (see below).  Please apply to tournaments and send registration confirmation to NKSA within 1 week BEFORE the tournament registration deadline.  If you wait until the last week to apply, you run the risk of being rejected by the tournament and your payment from NKSA not reaching the tournament director in time.  Most tournaments give priority to early registrations and you will be rejected if their brackets are already full even if you applied by their deadline. If you apply to a tournament, you must follow the tournament's rules and procedures and play all matches. Teams will be responsible for any fines assessed by tournament officials for forfeits or bad conduct.  

  4.  Guest Players.  Most tournaments will allow 2-4 or more guest players.  These are players that are not currently on the team's roster.  This helps for teams missing players due to conflicts or injuries.  Some of your opponents will use guest players to improve their chances of winning.  With the exception of some high level tournaments at older ages, NKSA does not approve of using guest players in this manner and guest players should be limited to filling in for missing players or key positions (e.g., goalkeeper) or if a team has a short roster and needs a player or two to play 3-4 games in a weekend event, especially in warmer weather.  It is not acceptable to sit regular players to allow guest players to play.  We also do not want to invite guest players and not let them play a fair share of the game.  Find the right balance for your team with younger age groups focused more on player development than wins and losses.  If you have any questions, please contact your Age Group Director of Coaching.   

Please follow the NKSA Tournament Application Procedures on this page for each tournament entry.

NKSA Tournament Application Procedure

    • Coach or PA - Apply to the tournament according to the tournament instructions.  NKSA does not send in tournament applications.  

    • Coach or PA - Forward a copy of the registration confirmation from the tournament to [email protected]
    • NKSA - Will send one check to pay for all club teams attending the tournament prior to the tournament deadline (please enter this deadline on the tournament registration form)
  2. Deadlines:  Remember to apply for tournaments as soon as possible, but no later than one week prior to the tournament registration deadline and to send your registration confirmation immediately after registration the email address above.     
  4. Send Questions to:  [email protected]  
  6. Failure to follow this process may result in your tournament application being rejected.  

What you need for tournament registrations

While every tournament creates their own registration requirements, most will require the following for the initial registration:
  1. Club/Team name
  2. Age group (e.g., U10 Girls)
  3. Team history of performance in league and prior tournaments (used for placement; more important if trying to get into the top level)
  4. Date of birth of oldest player (used to confirm placement in correct age group).  
  5. Team colors (Blue/White)

Registration for the tournament -- each tournament requires some type of registration checkin prior to the tournament.  Most hold a check in the Friday night of the tournament weekend.  Some allow you to check in just before your first game.  Others allow you to mail in your registration.  You will generally need your player cards, a roster and maybe medical release forms.  Some tournaments have a waiver form that each player must sign. Read the tournament rules.  Kentucky teams playing in Ohio will need a "Permission to Travel" form.  

Resources containing tournament listings

If you need help selecting tournaments, please ask you Age Group Director, other coaches or our Tournament Director.  

Where to I get...

Player cards & Roster -- Provided by the club Registrar at the start of the season.  These should not change during the season unless a player needs to be added or dropped. At the beginning of the season, the Registrar creates cards and rosters first for teams playing in preseason tournaments.  Please make sure you properly enter your team tournaments on the NKSA website after registering with the tournament so we know who is playing in early tournaments.  

Permission to Travel Form -- Required for events held outside Kentucky.  See KYSA E-Travel Instructions.  [Password required from Registrar to login to this system]

Guest Player information/forms -- Check the tournament rules on requirements for guest players.  Guest players can obtain their player card from their coach.  A guest player form may be required for the tournament.  See NKSA policy on guest players.  


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